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Glass Artists and Designers

From Vintage Art Glass to post modern, and Pink Depression Glass to Tiffany Favrile, glassware has been made by literally hundreds of companies and in hundreds of ways.

Collecting glass art and glassware can be rewarding, interesting and confusing.

With the thousands of types of glassware out there, and the need to know what it is that you're buying, it sometimes takes a little extra knowledge to purchase exactly what you're looking for.

Collectibles come in many shapes and sizes. Figurines, sugar bowls and creamers and tea cup sets are just a few of the more popular things to collect.

Here at Just Glass we will explore some of those types, and try to find ways to differentiate between bone china and porcelain, and Tiffany glass and a look alike.

Join us in exploring the fascinating world of the history of glassware, art glass and glassmaking worldwide.

Royal Doulton and its Predecessor–Doultonware

  Anyone who knows anything at all about glassware has heard the name Royal Doulton, Royal Albert and knows the beautiful china and glassware, as well as the quality that goes along with the name. Most of us however aren’t aware that the company has been in existence for nearly 200 years and that there […]

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Glassware From the Fabulous Fifties

Its hard to think of an era that produced more interesting, quirky things than the fifties and that includes the glassware, the dinnerware and the furniture.. In the fifties you could find every possible height and shape of glass imaginable and entertaining by means of a cocktail party was the newest rage, so everyone, who […]

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Art Glass from Bohemia

Bohemian glass was world famous for its quality and appearance and today many glass factories and glass works in the Czech republic produce Bohemian glass, making what are replicas if older glass patterns, and capitalizing on the reputation of the Bohemian glass quality, although it may or may not be of that same quality.

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Carnival Glass

Carnival glass was wildly popular when it first came out, but the interest in it fell by the wayside for a long time, particularly just pre the depression years, and Fenton, as well as many other companies ceased making it, however due to collector interest in it, Fenton company began production again and in fact still produce carnival glass today.

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Lefton China

George Zoltan Lefton was a refugee from what was then a war torn country, Hungary. He immigrated to the United States in about 1939, and his hobby was collecting fine china. Pitcher by Lefton ChinaThe business of this immigrant, strangely enough, was designing and making sporting goods. It was his hobby, curiously enough, which would […]

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How to Buy Glass Collectibles Online

If you want to collect glass items such as Depression glass, vintage art glass or other glass collectibles today you can save time and money if you buy glass online. Learn the ins and outs of shopping online for glass collectibles in our guide to buying glass online.

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Champagne Glasses – Buyers Guide

Champagne and sparkling wines should be enjoyed with the right glasses. Whether you enjoy sipping bubbly regularly or to celebrate on special occasions, you’ll enjoy the taste more if you have Champagne Flutes or crystal stemware designed for Champagne and sparkling wines!

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Elegant Glass is Not Depression Glass

If you are new to glass collecting, you may not know what the differences are between Elegant Glass and Depression Glass.

And, while both were made from the 1920s, through the Depression years and until World War II or shortly after the war, the quality and finishing techniques used were quite different between them […]

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The Heisey Glass Company

Heisey Glass is popular among collectors of Elegant glass and well know for its Diamond H mark […]

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Sharon Depression Glass Pattern by Federal Glass Company

Sharon, one of Federal Glass Company’s most successful Depression glass patterns, remains popular with collectors.

Learn about the history and pieces that have been reproduced in the Sharon pattern here […]

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