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Glass Artists and Designers

From Vintage Art Glass to post modern, and Pink Depression Glass to Tiffany Favrile, glassware has been made by literally hundreds of companies and in hundreds of ways.

Collecting glass art and glassware can be rewarding, interesting and confusing.

With the thousands of types of glassware out there, and the need to know what it is that you're buying, it sometimes takes a little extra knowledge to purchase exactly what you're looking for.

Collectibles come in many shapes and sizes. Figurines, sugar bowls and creamers and tea cup sets are just a few of the more popular things to collect.

Here at Just Glass we will explore some of those types, and try to find ways to differentiate between bone china and porcelain, and Tiffany glass and a look alike.

Join us in exploring the fascinating world of the history of glassware, art glass and glassmaking worldwide.

Autumn Colors in Depression Glass

I don’t know about you but my favorite season is fall. Possibly because of the crisp air and the falling leaves. Even with a bit of the warmth of spring in the air, I still reminisce about the last fall with its crisp cool nights and the brilliant colors. I find myself, while on the […]

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Fenton Winterberry

  I love Fenton, but not just any kind of Fenton. Don’t we all, by virtue of things that give us good memories, or make us smile, or make us curious, tend to collect things for more than one reason? Absolutely we base it quite often on aesthetics,  or what may rise in value, but just […]

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Fostoria Bells

    The Fostoria Glass Company, makers of those beautiful commemorative bells, much to everyones amazement, didn’t even begin to offer them until the mid seventies. Although they made gorgeous wedding bells, bells that would coordinate with some of their main designs and major colors, if you take a walk through the catalogs tht Fostoria […]

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Cleaning Cloudy Glassware

We’ve all found that perfect piece that was just a bit cloudy and wanted to find a way to make it crystal clear again. Sometimes it’s just close to impossible to bring it back to the way that it was, but at other times, using some tried and true techniques offered by glass collectors from […]

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Flint Glass and Canary Flint Glass.

   FLINT GLASS: Flint glass is one of those rarities to collectors, so that in some cases, people don’t even know what to look for, or that they can look for it.. The Welkers, in their book describe it as a term for a specific type of glass.  The name was said to have been […]

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John Beswick Studios

Among my favorite things to collect are the Beswick studios figurines of the Beatrix Potter Figurines, as well as those of the hunting dogs and the owls. These are remarkably lifelike and have been made over the course of more than a century, realistic and beautiful, they are still sought after collectibles today. A family […]

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Ebay and Glassware.

  While many of you don’t particularly care to do business with Ebayers, I’ve found it to be a treasure trove of interesting pieces and in reality, nice folks too, though many of them aren’t entirely certain what they’ve got and how much its worth. This works in your favor many times, though as a […]

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Beatrix Potter Figurines

One of my favorite things to collect are the Beatrix Potter figurines, partly because of the childhood memories they evoke, but partly too, because of the whimsy, the characters such as Jemima Puddleduck and Benjamin Bunny, the cute colors and amazing workmanship involved in some of them. Particular favorites of course are the Royal Doulton, […]

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Tiffany–in Pastel

  When Tiffany Glass comes to mind, what you’re probably envisioning are those awesome bright colors and the incredible blues and golds of the Favrile..  Many people, even some collectors, aren’t aware th at Tiffany made a line of pastel glass.   During what was called the Art Deco era, particularly between 1918 to 1928 […]

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Jeanette Glass Iris and Herringbone

My own personal collection of depression glass began as an accident. I hadn’t been married very long and I used a platter that held deviled eggs for an evening meal. It was knocked from the table and broken( amid scrambled deviled eggs may I add)  I went in search of one that looked like it […]

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