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Glass Artists and Designers

From Vintage Art Glass to post modern, and Pink Depression Glass to Tiffany Favrile, glassware has been made by literally hundreds of companies and in hundreds of ways.

Collecting glass art and glassware can be rewarding, interesting and confusing.

With the thousands of types of glassware out there, and the need to know what it is that you're buying, it sometimes takes a little extra knowledge to purchase exactly what you're looking for.

Collectibles come in many shapes and sizes. Figurines, sugar bowls and creamers and tea cup sets are just a few of the more popular things to collect.

Here at Just Glass we will explore some of those types, and try to find ways to differentiate between bone china and porcelain, and Tiffany glass and a look alike.

Join us in exploring the fascinating world of the history of glassware, art glass and glassmaking worldwide.

Vintage Glass Jewelry

Antique and vintage glass jewelry originated as a cost effective alternative to gemstone jewelry, but today you can expect to pay handsomely for vintage glassware jewelry, which has become extremely popular among collectors and enthusiasts […]

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Depression Glass

As a category, depression era glass may be one of the most popular attractions for many glass collectors and enthusiasts […]

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Tiffany Lamps and Lighting

An original Tiffany lamp may not be within reach of the average collector’s budget, but these works of art are certainly worth knowing more about […]

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Beehive Glass

The beehive family of glass has two distinct components. One is a whole piece, such as a lamp base, lampshade, or doorknob shaped in a distinctive beehive style. If you look at these pieces, some are blown and others fashioned using molds, but both bear the external appearance of an oval beehive with the wave-like […]

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Crackleware Glass

Crackleware Glass is not a particular glass style and it isn’t by any means limited to one designer or another. It isn’t from any one time period and isn’t limited to any certain era. In fact it is still being produced today. Crackle is method of finishing the glass that is applied to the glass […]

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Giuseppe Armani Figurines

Giuseppe Armani created unique and highly sought after glass figurines.For over twenty years, Guiseppe Armani created masterpieces of figurines that ranged from the very traditional to the more contemporary or daring sculptures. They were infused with the most amazing breathtaking realism, and an innate spark of life. Armani was born in Italy in 1935, and […]

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Fenton Art Glass Figurines

Designer Dave Fetty’s Fairy Light is among his popular glass creations and designs.A skilled glassworker, Dave Fetty spent more than forty years in the glassmaking industry, retiring in 1999. Dave began with Fenton in 1964, after spending time learning the trade of glass making in Milton West Virginia, working with he Blenko Glass Company, were […]

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Blown Glass

The art of a gaffer (glassblower) is one that truly astounds. Working with glass in a semi-liquid state, these people make wondrous pieces of art. From what we can tell, the art originated in Syria around the first Century BC, being used to make vessels for water and wine. From here, the methods touched other […]

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Antique Bottles

Thinking about starting your own antique bottle collection or looking for new additions to your collection?

Antique bottles are great fun for the enthusiast; whether you collect perfume bottles, jars or even antique soda bottles […]

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Collecting Depression Glass

There are a variety of Depression glass colors, but the best known are pink, green, blue and yellow. Although more abundant than other colors, pink Depression glass patterns are the most popular and highly valued color. Depression glass is clear or colored translucent glassware made available either free or at low cost in the United […]

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