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Glass Artists and Designers

From Vintage Art Glass to post modern, and Pink Depression Glass to Tiffany Favrile, glassware has been made by literally hundreds of companies and in hundreds of ways.

Collecting glass art and glassware can be rewarding, interesting and confusing.

With the thousands of types of glassware out there, and the need to know what it is that you're buying, it sometimes takes a little extra knowledge to purchase exactly what you're looking for.

Collectibles come in many shapes and sizes. Figurines, sugar bowls and creamers and tea cup sets are just a few of the more popular things to collect.

Here at Just Glass we will explore some of those types, and try to find ways to differentiate between bone china and porcelain, and Tiffany glass and a look alike.

Join us in exploring the fascinating world of the history of glassware, art glass and glassmaking worldwide.

Fenton Ware Glass

The Fenton Glass Company is the largest maker of hand made colored Glass that currently exists in the United States. Every piece of Fenton glass will be used for home decor or a personal collection. The glassware made at Fenton is highly collectible and is sold through thousands of retailer’s world wide. In 1988 a […]

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Royal Doulton China

Royal Doulton China has been a maker of china and tableware for over 200 years.In 1815, the companies’ founder began producing stoneware in a small potters company in South London. John Doulton, who founded the company, began in Lambeth, and his son Henry build the business up, and relocated it about 60 years later to […]

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Antique Lighting

During the last part of the 19th century and the earlier part of the 20th, a large array of lighting was produced in France, because the sources for lighting were shifting.Candlelight, and oil lights had changed to gas lighting and gas lighting was gradually moving to electrical sources. Many lighting sources were converted to one […]

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Lift Your Glass to the Bride and Groom

While most of us take a vacation in June, and celebrate the onset of summer, others will be getting married. June, it seems is the most popular month to be married, and there are myriad weddings taking place every single day of that month. The tradition of June brides began long ago in Britain, when […]

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Anniversary Glass

From a collector’s point of view there are two types of anniversary glass. One is any glass product made specifically for the 15 Anniversary of a couple. The second category is any glass product made to commemorate any anniversary of a movie, product, business, etc.Looking to the first category, the practice of giving a certain […]

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Glass Christmas Ornament

If collecting glass Christmas ornaments has captured your eye, there’s certainly a wide variety of ways to tackle this hobby. You might consider collecting by the country of origin, each of which also offers a unique style depending on era. Or, collect them by occasions, such as annual, anniversary, etc.Then, there’s always themes like seaside […]

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Repairing Broken China or Porcelain

Are you tired of throwing away a glass piece simply because the handle has broken off, or the chip in the rim is made it look poor? You don’t have to throw them out. The worth will of course be somewhat lessened, and you may not use the piece as tableware, but they can be […]

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China Figurines

Just take a walk through the nearest fine gift or antique shop. You’ll quickly see that there is a huge variety of figurines from which to choose. When starting a collection, quality is important but so is having a good grasp of what type of figurine on which to focus. Do you want sports pieces? […]

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China Tea Cups

China tea cups may be plain or very ornately decorated like this one.Another highly addicting collection to begin, china tea cups have a beauty and diversity to suit the most demanding of eyes. The finest cup is bone china that seems translucent. This quality comes from bone ask in the cup’s clay. When you hold […]

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DIY – Do it Yourself – Stained Glass Windows & Mirrors

Painting a stained glass window or mirror is a fun project that will add a personal touch to any room of your home.You can add to your home decor with a painted stained glass design for a far less than the price of a real stained glass. Here are the required supplies and instructions for […]

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