Collecting Boyd’s Pressed Glass Figurines

The Boyd families started making glass figurines nearly thirty years ago and are now in the fourth generation of glass making.

Located in Ohio, their trademark B inside a diamond, can be seen on clowns, animals, pie vents, covered dishes, glass slippers and several other specialty glassware handed down from generation to generation.

A video on You-Tube shows the manufacture of these adorable figurines. The company was originally Degenhart Glass until Bernard Boyd bought it in 1978. Two manufacturing practices that make the Boyd collectible glassware so sought after is that the mold mark changes every five years and that no color is ever repeated in a mold.

This makes the pieces easier to identify and grade for their collectability, resulting in a higher value for earlier pieces.

The first item Boyd made, the forget me not toothpick holder still can be found in various sites including EBay; it comes in six different colors. The pie vents are perhaps one of the neatest figurines available, they are made to let the steam vent from your pie as it is baking. Covered salt containers can be found in bunny, chick, duck, Scottie dog and turkey shapes.

Collecting Boyd’s Pressed Glass Figurines

The doll figurines are also very popular ranging from colonial style, to Amish and several different types named after Boyd family members.

Chuckles, Freddie and Virgil are all clown figurines, some with unique features or hand painted. There are only three artists who handle the hand painted glassware, so that makes each one unique and more desirable in building your collection.

Easter eggs as well as the covered chicken, chick and duck patterns are all very popular in the spring and the Angel series, first made in 1995, is currently in the second series and was soon followed by the Li’l Angel in 2002.

In addition to being great collectibles, the Boyd pressed glass figurines are made with high standards, not like some of the large companies which have fully automated presses and moulds, the Boyd collectibles have been made the same way for generations and hopefully they will continue to be made that way for the delight of future collectibles.