Glass Restorers List

As much as we hate it, accidents happen and there may come a time when you’ve broken one of your favorite ornaments, or something that holds some sentimental value to you. For when you may need them, here is a list of glass restorers, by the states in which they practice. If you are a …

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Cleaning Your Fine Glassware

Cleaning your older glassware, particularly if its painted, isn’t always an easy choice to make, since we all tend to be a bit nervous about doing it any real damage. First of all, prior to beginning to say what I use, and what works for me, I’d like to tell you want DOESN’T work, in …

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Shipping Glassware

In our collecting, somewhere along the way, we’re likely going to have to ship glassware. Particularly if you, as we do, take part in Ebay sales, or online sales of any type. Paying close attention to detail is the only way you’re going to get your package where its going all in one piece.. literally. …

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