Milk Glass

Milk glass got its name from, yes, you guessed it, the milky white color that it has. It was, in the beginning supposed to be reminiscent of porcelain but be less costly to produce and therefore to purchase. The color of the pieces are important when you are trying to determine an older piece from …

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Westmoreland Glass Company

The Westmoreland Glass company began in the late 1800s by an investing group. What we know of the early beginnings comes to us from private letters written by James Brainard and A.J. Stevenson. Stevenson ran the Specialty Glass Company in Ohio, while Brainard was a part owner in Westmoreland. Apparently these two found a perfect …

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Corning Glass Museum

The name Corning represents 150 years of quality engineering that spans a wide variety of items from collectibles and studio glass to high technology components, such as glass for our computer screens! Specifically in 1970 their researchers discovered how to make communication fiber from silica and titanium. This was the product that transformed the company …

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