Is That Really Bone China?

Bone china has been around for a very long time and can be discovered in rummage and jumble sales, garage sales, or your grandmother’s old hutch or buffet. It’s highly collectible and its lovely to look at and pleasing to use for coffee or tea. There are several unique processes involved in the making of […]

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Royal Albert China

Royal Albert China is renowned for quality, English style china with unique and artistic patterns.

Since its introduction in 1962, their “Old Country Roses” china pattern has sold over 150 million pieces […]

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Spode China History

The history of Spode China is steeped in history and tradition as the company continues to produce some of the most popular china tableware patterns even today […]

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Major China and Pottery Companies

Most of the major manufacturers of fine China manufacture not only tableware, but also collectibles, miniatures such as tea sets and cup and saucer collectibles or other figurines […]

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Bone China

Bone china from companies like Royal Doulton can be a great investment for your home tableware collection.Bone china is a sort of porcelain that was first made in Great Britain when calcined oxen bone was mixed with the other ingredients and fired once at a higher temperature to give it the translucence and then at […]

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Limoges: Not Just Porcelain

Limoges China has been popular for over 100 years, yet in that time span, many people are still unaware that Limoges is not a factory per se’ but many factories all situated in a region of France known as Limoges, for which the China is named.

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China and Pottery Marks

China and pottery manufacturers have used pottery or china marks as a means to provide for identification of their products nearly since the inception of the glassmakers craft. A china, or pottery mark, is very much like a fingerprint is to a human. A means of identifying and letting the purchaser or owner know when […]

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Haviland China

Dating from the 19th century, David Haviland left New York to begin the Haviland China company in France, where his reputation for fine china and vivid patterns quickly grew.

Haviland revolutionized the use of limoge blanks to save money and time in the production process. The company continued to grow under Mr. Haviland’s sons until the time of the great depression, and in 1972, Haviland finally shut down […]

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Wedgwood China

Wedgwood is one of the most recognizable marks in the world of china.

The mark of Wedgwood denotes quality and craftsmanship, with a tradition that dates back to the 18th century […]

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Royal Doulton China: Flowers of the Month Tea Cups

If you collect modern china, then you can’t pass up Royal Doulton’s Tea Cup of the Month collection.

Coveted by many collectors, Royal Doulton china is renowned worldwide for quality china and these teacups are nothing less than one would expect from this reputable manufacturer [..]

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