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Glass Artists and Designers

From Vintage Art Glass to post modern, and Pink Depression Glass to Tiffany Favrile, glassware has been made by literally hundreds of companies and in hundreds of ways.

Collecting glass art and glassware can be rewarding, interesting and confusing.

With the thousands of types of glassware out there, and the need to know what it is that you're buying, it sometimes takes a little extra knowledge to purchase exactly what you're looking for.

Collectibles come in many shapes and sizes. Figurines, sugar bowls and creamers and tea cup sets are just a few of the more popular things to collect.

Here at Just Glass we will explore some of those types, and try to find ways to differentiate between bone china and porcelain, and Tiffany glass and a look alike.

Join us in exploring the fascinating world of the history of glassware, art glass and glassmaking worldwide.

How to Identify Sandwich Glass

Guest Post by Kathy Eickholt of Cat Lady Kate’s Elegant and Depression Glass [image title=”Anchor-Hocking-Sandwich-Crystal-8-Plate-864″ size=”medium” id=”879″ align=”right” linkto=”viewer” ]Lacy, delicate appearing swirls of scrolls and flowers were pattern motifs from the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company from the 1820s until 1888. While little glass from this era survives today, the spirit lives on in […]

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Owens Illinois

Most glass collectors have most likely heard of Owens-Illinois, Inc.  In 2005, the company changed its trade name to O-I.  About a half of every glass container in the world is made by either O-I, its affiliates, or its licensees. [image title=”dcpl1470ed” size=”full” id=”733″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ] The company has a rich and fascinating history.  […]

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Picking the Perfect Beer Glass

[image title=”Picking the Perfect Beer Glass” size=”full” id=”864″ align=”right” alt=”Picking the Perfect Beer Glass” ]There’s been quite a bit of attention paid to the type of wine glass to use when enjoying a chosen vintage. Recently, during happy hour at my neighborhood pub, however, I learned that choosing the right beer glass is essential when […]

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Glass Marble Collecting

Do you remember when you were a kid how you would play marbles with your friends. You would draw a large circle on the ground and place a bunch of marbles in the middle. Your friend would sit outside of the circle and try to aim his marble in a way to get one of […]

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Depression Glass Patterns

Use the Just Glass Online Depression Glass Reference Chart to find names, dates, colors and manufacturer details for all major Depression Glass patterns produced […]

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Brockway Glass Works

Most collectors of old glasses and glass bottles have heard of the name Brockway Glass.  This historical business originated in 1907 when it was known as the Brockway Machine Bottle Company.  It later changed its name to Brockway Glass.  It is well known for making glass with detailed designs.  I am fortunate to  be from […]

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Pepsi Glasses

Most glass collectors began their hobby thanks to old Pepsi glasses that show the colorful Warner Brothers characters. They bring with them a sense of fun, especially for those who grew up watching the antics of Bugs Bunny and pals while growing up. You can still find some of these treasures with some exceptions. Looking […]

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Milk Glass Collections

One type of glass sought by collectors is milk glass.  Although it gets its name because of the various white types of glass objects, includes other colors like blue, pink, yellow, brown, and black.  It is used in a variety of items including vases, bowls, and goblets.  White milk glass is colored with white pigment […]

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Caithness Glass

[image title=”flirtation” size=”full” id=”820″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ] The northern reaches of Scotland are where the Caithness Glass factory decided to establish its glassworks in 1961, in the Wick Highlands. Here surrounded by the Norse influence and with a history of Gaelic tradition, they began to produce high quality glass paperweights and glass art that quickly […]

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Glass Insulators

Collecting glass insulators can be an interesting hobby. They go back in time to the 1850s when they were first used for telegraph lines. There is a lot of historical value to glass insulators. Over time, they began being used for telephone and power lines. The production of glass insulators ended in the 1970s which […]

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